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In The Thick Of It

The last 6 monthz have flown by so quick as you can see from my last entry...

So much has happened in that time. There were times I felt overwhelmed with feelings of being stuck in quicksand, moving forward was so slow that self belief came under fire, but that's when you really get to see your true see how bad you want it. 

The past 6months ZUU is kick'n the proverbial in Virgin Active gyms, a lot of credit goes to their trainers being top shelf. Genesis soon caught wind of the solid culture growing there & made contact to do Master Classes. From there we've moved to 9 gyms with a National roll out scheduled for Feb 2013.

Fenix gyms then jumped on board working through the same process, Master Classes, verifying response from members to see if they liked the program & going from there. That being said, every Master Class I have ever taken has been overwhelming with positive responses. We are now in Fenix.

I showcased to Goodlife in Sydney. Their national head of PT did the class & being a big choreographed group instructor he didn't like the way we get trainers to "think" about what they're putting together. Nor could he keep up with the workrate I wasn't very hard either...

In elite sports if every one in the coaching staff is "nice guy's", you'll breed nice guy's for players & win nothing. You need someone to be hard, disciplined even a mongrel, whatever the sport.

The same applies with mainstream fitness. When people at the top are soft...what kind of culture will they breed? None...they just become a number crunching business.

Fitness First was the last to trial us. The Master Class I held in Sydney City had 75+, again the response was overwhelming! We worked through a process for a National roll out...then things stalled?

This is a lesson crew of the hardships in business especially when things are out of your control. They eventually pulled the pin on ZUU..the only reason I eventually got was ZUU was too hard? 

Ha ha of course its bloody hard, we cut our teeth in the elite sporting world & we've come into mainstream fitness. The funny thing is guy's the members loved it! The powers higher up thought otherwise, instead of listening to the power brokers (members) they thought they knew better much to the disappiontment of the members contacting me.

Training needs to be hard. It also needs to be achievable...which ZUU is. Its definitely not for everyone nor do I want it for everyone. If you come to ZUU wanting to "dumb" it down because its too hard...go do another program that caters to your lack of discipline & spend an eternity in DaWilderness complaining you don't get results. Lot's of programs & trainers out there for that.

If you want to have a crack, then ZUU is for you. All you need is the will to want to change, ZUU will do the rest. Again ZUU's heritage in elite sports proves that fact.

Training needs to go back to #OldSkoolWayz where there was authenticity in the trainers. They were there's too many who have no business being there. They breed softness & so we have a generation who wants to be catered to....wrapp'd up in cotton wool...

ZUU will never be water'd down....because clear on my path I am....EeesaSupChe!!





Unclear on why he was there he knew he would face them...

To face something means to confront...dare...defy..

I talk with people all the time directly & indirectly about what lights them up..their real passion for their life. I then ask why they aren't doing it? Often I get a look of disbelief...followed by..."are you for real?".

Everyone has something they wish they where doing but for a vast array of reasons they aren't living their dream. Most won't simply out of fear of failure & all the "unknowns" that may happen.

Could you lose everything & start again? How badly do you want to get out of the job your in? What's stopping your start up venture? Capital? How do you find a way around that? Would you do night school to better your skills if you need to? Have you set out goals & done nothing about them? How far have you come this year towards your objective? Are you further along or behind?

If you are progressing well then you would feel a sense of pride with those questions & so you should! If those questions hurt you because they reminded you of what you haven't done then good...change for the better in life is never easy & takes real work that is built on back to back efforts.

Don't be one of the "talkers"... You are always better off looking back on your life with the satisfaction of knowing that you were tenacious...relentless in chasing your goals to make your dreams a reality. Dare to face them...confront them...defy...smash them..this is the way to changing your life....LiveIt...SupYaasuu!!

The more he confronted them...the clearer he became...HulkSmash RaasaChe!!



In business & life you will need Fortitude. It can also be described as bravery..courage..determination..patience..resolution..endurance..strength..valour. Do you have these qualities? We''ll need them in business as they are constantly called upon but can be expressed in many wayz. How you respond to pressure? Are you reactive or proactive...resolute? Do you have the courage to make hard decisions or do you procrastinate etc...

For me fortitude is honed under pressure & pressure is one sure way to move forward with purpose. If you stagnant'n in businesses its because you've stopped answer'n the WHY's your doing it & have thus lost your purpose...Get your purpose back & go at it with fortitude!....SupRaaUss!



He wasn't chosen for his physical prowess...he was hand picked for his moral beliefs..

Captain America..the first Avenger had a heart that was true & honourable..his unwritten code of ethics was pure if a little old fashioned for some.

Can you be successful in business & keep your morals or unwritten code of ethics?

Many will tell you that you need to be ruthless & do whatever it takes to get ahead. If that means you stomp on people to climb the ladder to be it!..after all "its business"..

What a load of utter garbage! Like it or not you were born with an unwritten code of morals or ethics...that's what the law is based on. To then say that in business it doesn't apply & its every man for himself is shallow & foolish. Business today more than ever is about relationships...people skillz.

Due to the economic climate we've been in, people are very aware of fakez & falsehood in their dealings with others. If the advice you've been getting in business is to take more than to give....get a new mentor..for you will not only'll end up alone.

When dealing with people, be a real interest in them...look for ways to give them more value than you take in payment. These simple steps show people your true colours. Being successful in business isn't just about the money..sure you need to make it....but it should never come at the cost of what money can't buy......Authenticity..

Before the experiment his body was weak & frail...the aftermath transformed his body into the ultimate soldier...but his real strength... had alwayz beat inside him & true to that code he would stay....DaCapitain FirstAvengerRaasuu!!


Manage Weakness 

Born blind & over protected by her parents for her apparent weakness...Toph proved to be the most powerful of all Earth Benderz...

Setting goals...striving to better yourself in all aspects of life should always be on your mind. The long road to success with your goals will expose your weaknesses time & again. Remember there is a mass of people out there who want to also better themselves but their weaknesses will convince them otherwise.

Weakness will help them justify why they can't change their lot in life due to...the system they're in....lack of experience for a new position...lack of qualifications...too old to change...current job is comfort zone...current job pays too little to get ahead...try their venture on the side or start it tomorrow....justifying the WHY you'll fail will always be easy.. 

Whatever your goal is...break it down into achievable steps...this is critical. This process will show you where your next move will be. The next move may take extra time & resources? So be it...being successful is never easy.

As you find your way a lot of these decisions will test your resolve & character that much is certain....but as you hold your course you'll grow in courage & self belief which money cannot buy....these qualities are honed through fire of trials.



You will have share them with your trusted team who are like minded people...they can be in totally different fields to yours but their attitude when confronting problems will be the same...this will build your confidence & give you up on entrepreneurs & look at what qualities they all will become apparent very quickly.

All successfull people have weaknesses...thats what makes us human. How you MANAGE..HANDLE & CONTROL them is the KEY....

Toph'z weakness never stood in the way of her ambitionz....nor did it stop her achiev'n her greatest strength....& through this her role in the war was pivotal....Weakness?....Manageyourz...Toph RaaUss!!